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Sunday, 28 February 2016

Romano-British Cavalry

Here are a few photos of some Romano-British heavy cavalry I've just finished painting. The figures are mainly Westwind Productions from their Arthurian range with a single Black Tree Designs horse and rider. The Westwind figures are nice and remind me a lot of some Old Glory ranges, especially the horses - maybe they used the same sculptor? Crusader Miniatures have just released a Sub-Roman range and I'm sorely tempted by these as they look really nice, but I have more than enough Late Roman/Arthurian figures to be going on with.

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Late Roman Infantry

Here are a few photos of some Late Roman infantry units I've finally finished painting. Above are the Lanciarii Gallicani Honoriani - figures are mainly Foundry with LBM shield transfers. The archers are a mix of Gripping Beast and Black Tree Designs figures.

Thursday, 11 February 2016

Village Raid - Another Late Roman Dux Bellorum Game

Raiders advance cavalry on both flanks towards the village

View from the attackers towards the defended village

Defenders destroy attackers' horse archers

Ordinary allied warriors fight on the edge of the village

Last week Craig and I met down at the Vikings club for another Late Roman Dux Bellroom game. This time the scenario was a village raid with Craig as the attacker and me as defender. For a bit of variety we both had six points of ordinary warriors, as allies, in our 32 point armies. Here are a few photos of our game. In the end it was a fairly easy victory for the defenders with the attackers losing four units and finishing with no chance of taking the village. Thanks to Craig for a fun game. I've started painting my Irish army and hopefully will have a few photos of some units to post shortly.

Cavalry melee on the left flank

Shieldwall units close in the centre

Attackers' cavalry are driven back

Defenders defeat the raiders and save the village

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Samnite Linen Legion

Here are a few photos of my first Samnite unit for my Samnite army, the famous Linen Legion, mentioned by Livy (10.38.3-13). Figures are by Crusader Miniatures and A&A Miniatures. Hopefully Victrix will be releasing a plastic set of these shortly to add to the excellent Crusader and A&A metal ranges.