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Thursday, 21 April 2016


Hittite army beneath Sarikale (Yellow Fortress) at Hatussa

Hittite infantry

Hittite spearmen/guards (4 x 3 Pk)

Anatolian spearmen (2 x 3 Ax)

Canaanite javelinmen and Hittite archers (1 Ps)

Hittite three crew chariots, including general (2 x HCh)

Hittite and Syrian two crew chariots (2 x LCh)

Here are a few photos of my 15mm Hittite DBA army that I've just finished painting, after a break of about ten years! The figures are mainly Essex Miniatures with some Gladiator Games/Blackhat Miniatures and Chariot/Magister Militum. The Gladiator figures are very chunky little fellas and I actually had to swap one of them with an Essex crew figure so they would fit in the chariot. The backdrop photos of Sarikale (Yellow Fortress) and the reconstructed mud brick towers and walls at Hatussa (modern Bogazkale) were taken on our trip to Turkey in 2011. For more photos of Hatussa see the second half of my earlier post Hittite chariots and Hatussa.

Photos with reconstructed towers and walls at Hatussa

Friday, 15 April 2016

Indian Cavalry, Successor Pike and Ballista

For our next club meeting Bern and Gary are planning a 15mm Epic CCA game and this got me thinking about my long neglected 15mm ancients. I sold most of my DBA armies years ago (something I regret as I put so much time in to painting them) but still have quite a stock pile of unpainted lead, as well as a painted Early Seleucid army. While I haven't played DBA since then, I did pick up Version 3.0 when it came out a few years ago. I haven't touched these figures for years but I really like the Xyston ranges and have several stalled projects which I intend to finish and may even expand in to larger armies for L'Art de La Guerre. The pike elements are Seleucid Argyraspides and Pantodapoi.

Sunday, 10 April 2016

Battle of Zela 47 BC - Command and Colors Ancients

Initial deployment - Pontics on the left, Romans on the right

Side view from the opposite end

View from the Roman lines

Pontic light cavalry retreat

Pontic heavy cavalry suffer casualties and retreat

Roman legionaries advance

Last Sunday Garry, Bern, Gary, Paul and I played a Command and Colors Ancients game down at the Vikings Club. The scenario was the Battle of Zela 47 BC with Pharnaces taking on Caesar. Garry and Bern were the Pontic commanders while Gary, Paul and I were the Romans, with Paul filling the big shoes of Caesar. This was a tough scenario for the Pontics to win as they only had four command cards to the Romans' six, and didn't have much luck with their cards anyway. In the end Caesar's Veni, Vedi, Vici tour wrapped up to predictable conclusion with a 7 to 4 victory banners result but it was actually quite close at one stage. Thanks to Garry, Bern, Gary and Paul for a fun game.

All the action is on the Roman right flank

Pontic cavalry advance on their right flank

Caesar's Veni, Vedi, Vici tour wraps up!

Roman light cavalry retreat

Pontic heavy cavalry are destroyed

Pontic heavy infantry are stranded

Sunday, 3 April 2016

Sea People Chariots and Lukka Warriors

Here are a few photos of two more Sea People chariots and a unit of Sea People warriors with horned helmets and boar tusk helmets, who could be Lukka, Weshwesh or Ekwesh. The chariots are by Cutting Edge Miniatures (available through Warlord Games) and the Lukka are by Wargames Foundry (brilliant Perry sculpts). This completes a 26 point Chariots Rampant (a bronze age variant of Lion Rampant) Sea People force, part of a much larger army.

I have posted photos of the entire force and individual units below. I'm keen to give the Sea People a run against my New Kingdom Egyptians and Hittites and will post some solo game reports. Painting small forces like this (48 warriors and four chariots) is a great way to get started with bronze age skirmish gaming and I plan to do the same thing with other armies - Amorite Kingdoms, Libyans and Mycenaeans...

Sea People raiding party

Pelset Chariots

Pelset archers and warriors, Sherden warriors

Pelset archers, Sherden warriors and Lukka warriors

Lukka chariots and warriors