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Wednesday, 29 June 2016

First L'Art de la Guerre Game - Second Punic War in Spain

View of the table from the Roman lines

Side view

Carthaginian elephants and spearmen in the centre

Roman Allied Spanish Caetrati and Scutarii

The Roman left flank advances

The armies close

Last Wednesday night Rick and I met down at the Vikings Club for our first game of L'Art de la Guerre (ADLG). Here are a few photos of our game - the scenario was a Second Punic War encounter in Spain. We played a standard two hundred point game with both sides fielding 27 units, divided between three corps. I was the Carthaginian commander and Rick commanded the Romans. No doubt we got a few things wrong with the rules but it all seemed to work well and definitely was an enjoyable introduction to the game. In the end we ran out of time to reach to a conclusion but the Carthaginians definitely had the worst of it. Thanks to Rick for a fun game.

Carthaginian right flank

Carthaginian left flank

Gallic cavalry rout Allied Italian cavalry

Romans get stuck into the Carthaginian elephants

Roman cavalry rout Spanish cavalry

Carthaginian right flank charges the Romans

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Late Romans - Prima Flavia Gallicana Constantia

Here are a few photos of a Late Roman unit I've just finished painting. These are pseudocomitatenses - the Prima Flavia Gallicana Constantia. Information about them, including the shield pattern, can be found on Luke Ueda-Sarson's Notitia Dignatum website:

The figures are from the superb new Gripping Beast plastic Late Roman set and with two ranks of archers at the back they're nearly an entire box (four figures short). The shield transfers are by LBM.

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Battle of Asculum 279 BC - Command and Colors Ancients

The armies deployed - Epirotes left, Romans right

Opposite end

Pyrrhic pike in the centre

Epirote left flank

Epirote right flank

Romans advance

Pike and pilum close in the centre

Last Wednesday night Rick and I played a Command and Colors Ancients game down at the Vikings Club in Lanyon. It was quite a busy night for mid week with six games being played, including two nice looking 28mm Impetus games, something which I haven't seen down here before. Here are a few photos of our game, the Battle of Asculum, with Rick as Pyrrhus, commanding the Epirote and allied forces, while I was the Romans, commanded by the consuls Decius and Sulpicus.

It was a very close game, while Rick didn't have much luck with his cards, I had some excellent hands - two double time cards, a clash of shields, and an I'm Spartacus card, amongst others. In the end the Romans just managed to sneak a 6 to 5 victory, with the Velites darkening the skies with their javelins against the last of Pyrrhus' elephants. Thanks to Rick for a fun game.

The battle begins

Epirote left flank attacks

Epirote right flank attacks

Most of the action is in the centre

Roman cavalry attacks

Velites darken the skies against the elephants to win the game

Saturday, 4 June 2016

Hittites versus Sea People - Chariots Rampant Game

View of the table

Opposite end

Sea People advance

Hittite three crew chariots

Pelset chariots

Lukka warriors

It was a very cold, miserable and wet Saturday afternoon here today, so I thought I'd amuse myself with a solo Chariots Rampant game out in the shed. Here are few photos of the game I played between Hittites and Sea People. The Hittites won fairly convincingly although the Sea People staged a bit of a come back later on in the game.

Sea People leader gets the chop

Lukka chariots charge Hittite spearmen

Lukka warriors battered and retreating

Sea People are down to five units - two are battered

Hittite spearmen are routed by Sherden warriors  

Hittites beat the Sea People convincingly