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Sunday, 30 October 2016

Late Romans versus Huns and Goths - Dux Bellorum Game

View of the table

Roman Noble Shieldwall with allied Saxon Warriors out front

 Roman Archers and Ordinary Shieldwall

Roman Mounted Companions, Noble Riders and Horse Archers

Huns and Goths advance on the right

Saxon Warriors charge the Goth cavalry in the flank

On Sunday afternoon Craig came over to my place and we played a Dux Bellorum game with his Late Romans versus my Huns and Goths. Craig had devised a Hun army list with some rules for the horse archers so we gave these a play test and they seem to work quite well. I was the attacker and decided to refuse the left flank and concentrate on the right were I had the advantage in cavalry. The Mounted Companions and Noble Riders units closed quickly and a protracted melee ensued. The allied Saxon Warriors caught the Goth cavalry in a flank charge. My Goth warriors responded with an uncontrolled charge against the Saxon Warriors.

A Roman Noble Shieldwall unit then advanced in the centre, only to be shot at repeatedly by the Hun horse archers, while the remaining three Roman units failed to move for several turns! The Romans continued to be dogged by bad luck and the Huns and Goths were able to eventually grind them down and win both melees. The Goth Warriors then routed both the Roman Noble Shieldwall unit and the archers. The Romans tested for fifty percent casualties and failed with several units which lead to the rout of the whole army. For our next game we plan to swap sides, I'm thinking more cavalry, including horse archers, might be handy for the Romans. Thanks to Craig for a fun game.

Goth Warriors charge the Saxon allies

The cavalry fight a messy protracted melee

Infantry in the centre and cavalry on the right fight it out

Hun horse archers move and shoot

Roman Mounted Companions are surrounded on three sides

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Battle of Parataicene 317 BC - Command and Colors Ancients

Side view of both armies deployed

View from the opposite end

Eumenes' right flank

Eumenes' left flank

Frontal view of Eumenes' deployment

Antigonus's army has a strong right flank

Eumenes has an advantage in elephants and pikemen

Last Wednesday night Rick and I met down at the Vikings Club in Lanyon for a game of Command and Colors Ancients. The scenario was the Battle of Paraitacene, which preceded the Battle of Gabiene and seemed like the idea practice game for our Little Wars Gabiene game as the both Antigonus' and Eumenes's armies were quite similar in both battles. Eumenes had the advantage in elephants and pike, while Antigonus had stronger cavalry particularly on his right flank.

Eumenes attacked in the centre and on his left flank and his elephants caused early casualties among the Antigonid pike. Antigonus counter attacked with his cavalry and thanks to two double time cards and a first strike card was able to seize the advantage and clear his right flank. In the end it was 7 to 3 victory points win for Antigonus. Eumenes was hampered by poor cards and his finest troops the Argyraspides (Silver Shields) were stranded and didn't even make it into combat. Thanks to Rick for a fun game.

Eumenes attacks in the centre and on his left flank

Eumenes' elephants force a phalanx to retreat

Antigonus' cavalry counter attack

Casualties mount

Antigonus clears his right flank

Eumenes' last elephant is dispatched

Sunday, 23 October 2016

Early Successor Elephants and Skirmishers

Here are a few photos of some Early Successor elephants and skirmishers that I've been painting for our Command and Colors Ancients participation game of the Battle of Gabiene at Little Wars Canberra on the 6 November. The ellies, crew and skirmishers are all Gripping Beast figures from their Polemarch Successor range. I'm finishing off another four Essex elephants and two more skirmisher units and we should be good to go.  Rick and I have a warm up game, the Battle of Paraitacene, down at the club this Wednesday night, so that will be interesting to see how that goes.

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Neo-Babylonians - Chaldean Infantry

Here are a few photos of some Chaldean infantry for my Neo-Babylonian army. The figures are by Newline Designs and are the typical mix of back rank archers and front rank spearmen. According to my well thumbed copy of Armies of the Ancient Near East, 3000 BC to 539 BC by Nigel Stillman and Nigel Tallis, the Chaldeans were levied by the Neo-Babylonian kings with the majority of them being archers.

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Neo-Assyrian Chariot and Little Wars Canberra 2016

Here are a few photos of a Neo-Assyrian chariot that I've just finished painting. The figures are by Eureka Miniatures and the mud brick building is by 4Ground. The close up shots always reveal how sloppy my quick and dirty painting is! Not to worry, there are still plenty more figures to crank out for both Neo-Assyrian and Neo-Babylonian armies.

A quick plug for a one day event being held early next month - Little Wars Canberra 2016. This will be held on Sunday 6 November 2016 at the Vikings Club Lanyon, which is in Heidelberg St, Lanyon. Entry is by gold coin donation with all proceeds going to charity. More information about the event and a list of the participation games be played can be found on the Little Wars website:

Garry, Rick and I are running one of the participation games, The Battle of Gabiene using Command and Colors Ancients (CCA) with 28mm figures. So it you fancy being Antigonus the One Eyed or Eumenes come down and join the fun. Depending on the amount of interest we may run a second game in the afternoon. The CCA Gabiene scenario and 3rd edition rules can be found on the Command and Colors website:

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Neo-Assyrian Sab Sharri

Above are a few photos of a unit of Sab Sharri (King's Men) that I've just finished painting for my Neo Assyrian and Neo-Babylonian armies from the time of Ashurbanipal (687-627 BC), the last great Assyrian King. The figures are a mix of Wargames Foundry (beautiful Perry figures), Hinchcliffe and Eureka. The photos below are of an earlier unit with the same mix of figures, that I painted a few years ago but the photos I posted of them before were terrible. They're quite a nice unit, I even painted the eyes on some of them, and they deserve better photos, hence their reappearance.