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Monday, 13 February 2017

Camillan Romans vs Pyrrhic Successors - L'Art De La Guerre Game

Pyrrhus's army deployed

Pyrrhic pike and elephants

Romans deployed

View from behind Pyrrhus' lines

A daunting sight for the Romans

Roman leves advance

The infantry close

Last Sunday at the Vikings Club, Garry and I played a 200 point ADLG game, with my Camillan Romans defending against his attacking Epirote and Tarentine army. The Roman cavalry on both flanks were quickly routed by Pyrrhus' Xystophoroi and the Roman army was in trouble early on. In the end the Romans were on the verge of being demoralised, but staged a minor come back in the final turn. Both armies were demoralised in the same turn, Pyrrhus and a commander were killed, so a Pyrrhic victory of sorts for the Epirote and Tarentine forces.

Roman Equites are routed

Romans try to fill the gaps in their line

About face on the right flank

Infantry charge in the centre

The Roman left flank is patched up

Romans are on the verge of demoralisation

One of Pyrrhus' elephants routes

Both armies are demoralised


  1. Splendid looking game, Mike! Elephants look fantastic.

    1. Thanks Jonathan, the Aventine ellies are hard to beat.

  2. Splendid, this period is wonderful with its Pyrrhus's and succesors armies...Pikes and elephants vs Romans, always close, and sometimes both demoralise! Great report Cyrus...

    1. Thanks Phil, it is a great period to game.

  3. Mazing looking game Cyrus. I always love seeing the elephants on the board.

    1. Thanks Michael, you can never have too many elephants!

  4. Looking very cool indeed! Great stuff Cyrus.