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Monday, 14 August 2017

Antigonid Successors vs Hellenistic Greeks - ADLG Game

View of the table from the Antigonid line

View from the Greek line

Antigonid left flank

Argyraspides and Chalkaspides in the Antigonid centre

Antigonid right flank advances

Antigonid centre tries to delay the inevitable

Last Sunday Garry, Craig and I met down at Vikings Club in Lanyon for the Capital Region Wargames Group's monthly meeting. We played a 200 point ADLG game with Antigonid Successors versus Hellenistic Greeks. Garry commanded the Greeks and had chosen a phalangite heavy army with 11 pike units compared to 5 Antigonid pike units! I'd made a bad choice in my army selection with more thureophoroi and romphaia armed Thracians on a narrow table.

We tried to refuse the centre and attack on the flanks but this only delayed the inevitable slaughter and the game was all over by lunch time. Three out of six commanders (two Antigonid) were killed but I did get to give my new Victrix Successor heavy cavalry a run and they performed creditably enough. Newly painted troops are always a dicey proposition, in games in my experience!

Antigonid left flank advances

Antigonid heavy cavalry charge

Action on the Antigonid right flank

Antigonid centre about to be smashed


  1. Superb looking battle fought using two large and handsome armies!
    "Dicey proposition" is good one and often so apropo.

    1. Thanks Jonathan, even numbers of pike would have made it a more interesting game.

  2. Stunning armies, Mike. Your new cav looked and performed well too! How do bows work against phalanxes? From what I can recall in my WAB days, Cretan Archers usually performed well.

    1. Thanks Dean, shooting isn't very effective in ADLG unlike WAB.

  3. Lovely looking game and unusual for a newly painted unit not to break and run from the field, or maybe that's just me!
    Best Iain

  4. Thanks Iain, that has definitely been my experience too!