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Wednesday, 4 October 2017

First Game of Sharp Practice

Confederate force left, Union force right

Union troops left of the road haven't deployed at this point

Confederate firing line

Union force is finally fully deployed

Casualties and shock mount for both sides

Last Sunday afternoon, Craig came over to my place with his lovely Perry American Civil War troops, and we played our first game of Sharp Practice. We used the early 1861-62 Union and Confederate lists with similar infantry forces of 55 points and three leaders a side. The scenario was an encounter and Craig had the Union forces while I had the Confederates who managed to deploy fairly quickly on the table.

The Union forces eventually fully deployed on the table and proceeded to hammer the main Confederate formation in a firefight. In the end we ran out of time but the Confederates were close to rout and had lost two groups and a leader with heavy shock and casualties on the remaining formation. While I'm sure we got lots of things wrong in our first game, as we bumbled our way the rules, we both enjoyed it and hope to try a late Penisular War game soon. Thanks to Craig for a fun game.

Main Confederate formation retreats

Firefight continues

Casualties and shock continue to mount

Confederates are close to rout


  1. Nice report and lovely looking table and figures.


  2. Excellent stuff. Looks great!

  3. Good looking game and figures, Mike! Like I mentioned earlier - I used to play SP quite a bit when it first came out. It was what got me into Napoleonics. collection outgrew the rules, so to speak. However, since downsizing, I may have to relook SP - I understand this is a newer (more-streamlined?) version. Best, Dean

    1. Thanks Dean, it is a good way to start playing Napoleonics without having masses of painted figures.

  4. Nice looking game and I really do need to try the rules myself!


    1. Thanks Christopher, TFL do have some great rules.

  5. Sounds great, beautiful lines of battle!

  6. Lovely looking game and nice aar!
    Best Iain

    1. Thanks Iain, still getting to grips with rules...